My Mum’s Recipes

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Back in 2007, as I was packing my bags for university, my Mum gave me a set of my  favourite recipes that she’d taken the time to type up. They were dishes that the whole family loved and were staples of my childhood.

View the online version here

I’d wanted to create a set of recipe postcards for a while, the idea being to sell them and make money for charity. When I rediscovered Mum’s special recipes earlier this year on the family computer ( my paper versions have long been lost ) it seemed obvious that I should make use of them to honour her.

The recipes themselves are written in a very relaxed conversational tone, a world away from the straight forward step by step recipes that now litter the internet. Each card has a visual representation of the dish; photography, collage as well as drawing and lino print.

The idea behind the postcards is that they find more than just a single use; put them on the fridge, use them as a bookmark for a cookery book, or maybe give to a friend after you’ve cooked the dish yourself.

The postcards are now all sold out, raising £1300 for Cancer Research.