Back to Mine

Back to Mine for a Late Night Tale

Listen to the mix here

Over the last few weeks I’ve found the time to delve into and revisit a lot of the “Back to Mine” and “Late Night Tales” mix series. Both follow a similar structure of asking big names in electronica and beyond to play music they would play at home rather than at the club. The music is for the most part chilled, interesting and reflective, but always excellent.

This is my take on the after hours (or in my case stay at home) style. There’s wholesome goodness from Bill Withers and Joe Cocker, moments of blissful beauty from Four Tet and Max Cooper. Seductive sass from Solange and Jill Scott and curve balls from Team Sleep and Aphex Twin. Plus more instrumentally, orchestral, jazzy & funky stuff. Folded together (didn’t want to knock the air out (baking reference)) rather than mixed. It also comes complete with a small reading at the end just like the Late Night Tales mixes do.

To finish it all off I’ve created artwork inspired by the both the original series.


Best enjoyed just before bed x